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This web page is introducing how to generate an executable file based on Robot Operating System (ROS) for turtlesim, which is a tool made for teaching ROS and ROS packages, using PRINTEPS workflow editor (from now on referred to as the workflow editor).

If you are beginner, please read the description below and try the workflow editor. Otherwise, please just click the “go to the login page of the demo site” link below and try it.
Supported browsers
Currently, the workflow editor only supports the latest or later version (ver.48 or later) of Google Chrome. If it isn’t installed on your PC, please download it from the link below.
Go to the login page of the demo site
1. Preparation of ROS environment to execute turtlesim
1.Installation of ROS environment
2.Configuration of ROS environment 3. Installation of ros_tutorials
2. How to login to the demo site
Please click the “go to the login page of the demo site” link at the top or bottom of this web page. Then, please enter the following E-mail address and password. And click login button.
E-mail address: demo@printeps.org
Password: 123456
3. Create a project based on turtlesim best practice
Please click on “Turtlesim Demo” at the left side of the “Best Practice” menu. Then, the page below will be shown. Please click the “Create a project based on this best practice” link. These two links are emphasized by red frames in the following screenshot.
After that, the dialog below will be shown. Please enter the project name and the description. Finally, please click the create button.
After creating the project, an editor page will be shown automatically. If you are interested in the workflow of turtlesim, plase check it out. Unfortunately, the user document of workflow editor in English is not provided currently. We have prepared it and it’ll be released soon. In order to generate the executable file for turtlesim from the workflow editor, please click the “Home” button from the user menu which is located at the top right of the page.
4. Download generated.py and printeps.zip
Created projects are shown at the left side of the “Project” menu. Please click your project from the menu and click the “Generate ROS source file” link. Then, you can download the file as “generated.py”. In addition, you must download the “printers.zip” file from the “Download libraries for printeps” link to execute the generate.py. These two links are emphasized by red frames in the following screenshot.
5. Execute generated.py
First, please open the terminal app on Ubuntu and copy the “generated.py” file to the ”/opt/ros/indigo/share/turtlesim” directory. Then, assign execute permission to the “generated.py” file as follows:
>sudo chmod a+x generated.py
After that, please extract the “printers.zip” and copy the extracted printeps directory to the “/opt/ros/indigo/share/turtlesim” directory.

Finally, please execute the following commands. The Turtlesim screen will be shown and the turtle in the screen will move to the specified linear and angular path in the workflow.
>rosrun turtlesim turtlesim_node
>rosrun turtlesim generated.py
Go to the login page of the demo site